Meet NWSC Surrogates

Four NWSC surrogates describe why they wanted to become a surrogate and other highlights of their journeys.

Webinar: NWSC Legal Basics

Our legal team discusses the surrogate contract, attorney representation, legal paths to parentage, and preparing for the delivery and more.

Webinar: Meet a Surrogate and Her Husband

A NWSC surrogate and her husband share their story helping an international couple have a baby and how surrogacy impacted their family.

Webinar: Meet a Surrogate

Two NWSC surrogates talk about their experiences from start to finish including the screening process, being matched, and delivering the baby.

Breakout Session: Men Having Babies

NWSC co-founders John Chally and Sandy Hodgson give an overview of surrogacy for intended parents at the 2015 Men Having Babies NYC conference.

Two Men and a Cradle

A French documentarian follows one of Northwest Surrogacy Center’s intended families and their surrogate throughout their journey.

Two Men and a Cradle – 1 Year Later

The documentary follows up with the twins, their French parents, and their NWSC surrogate Veronica in this honest and touching story.

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