Learn more and enjoy the journey!

There’s a lot to learn about surrogacy and we’re here to support you every step of the way. We host casual information sessions throughout the year where you can learn about surrogacy requirements and meet women who’ve worked with Northwest Surrogacy Center.

For our surrogates, we host monthly meetups and yearly parties to offer support, build community and show our gratitude. Surrogacy is a fantastic journey and we’re here to provide whatever level of support you need!

Info Sessions: Curious about surrogacy?

Monthly Meetups for NWSC Surrogates

Photos from our Surrogate events

NWSC at The Incredibles 2!
NWSC hosted past and current surrogates, and their families, to a movie day to watch The Incredibles 2 in summer 2018.

We love it when our surrogates share photos in their NWSC t-shirts!

2018 Surrogate Appreciation Party

Monthly NWSC Surrogate Meet-ups throughout Oregon, California and Colorado


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