Katy, NWSC Case Manager extraordinaire in our Portland office!

October 16, 2018 // Carrie Ramoz // No Comments
  Katy celebrated her four-year workiversary as a Case Manager at NWSC this summer! Reflecting on four years at NWSC Katy says, “No two surrogacies have been the same so […]

Children’s books that explain surrogacy, IVF, adoption and other ways of building families

October 16, 2018 // Carrie Ramoz // No Comments
“ How can we explain surrogacy to our children as they grow up?” is one of the most common questions we hear from the families we work with. Most of […]

Ever played “Pin the Embryo in the Uterus” before? Surrogate Baby Showers!

May 3, 2018 // Carrie Ramoz // No Comments
Surrogacy Baby Showers
Ever played “Pin the Embryo in the Uterus” before? Yes? Then you’ve attended a surrogate baby shower! As someone who is very involved in the surrogate community, and as a […]

Gender reveal time!

July 20, 2017 // Carrie Ramoz // No Comments
Watching my family and friends try to share my surrogacy excitement. “I’m home!” I announced breathlessly. Aaron, my husband, was at the kitchen table immersed in his cell phone. He […]

Ridiculously crying at a restaurant because the cornbread was sold out: This pregnancy is in full swing!

September 14, 2016 // mchally // No Comments
“I’m sorry, but Dr. Ackerman is fully booked for September deliveries and is not taking any more patients. Let me see what other doctors are available for a fall delivery.” […]

Surrogacy Blog #10: Beginning the medications to prepare for surrogacy & pregnancy

January 4, 2016 // Carrie Ramoz // No Comments
My personalized box o’goodies from the Portland pharmacy had arrived via USPS bursting with vials, syringes, pills, disinfecting wipes, directions and more. I laughed as I rummaged through it. This […]

Surrogacy Blog Part 4: Why is there no etiquette guide for introducing your uterus to someone?

September 21, 2015 // Carrie Ramoz // No Comments
Elation washed over me and I could hardly contain my excitement as I read through the profile. The surrogacy agency matched me with a family and I had to decide […]

Love Wins

June 26, 2015 // Amy Vaniotis // No Comments
By Ryan Medley, Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC What a week for the United States of America. Of all the horrible and shocking news that we’ve received lately, it is moments […]

What’s in a Name: Intended Parents

April 2, 2015 // Amy Vaniotis // No Comments
By Amy Vaniotis Intend (v): Have (a course of action) as one’s purpose or objective; plan Design or destine (someone or something) for a particular purpose or end Intended (n): […]

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2015 // Amy Vaniotis // No Comments
Wishing you a joyous and peaceful New Year from all of us at Northwest Surrogacy Center! Here’s to many more adorable babies in 2015!
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