Intended Parents

Intended Parents

Becoming Parents Through Egg Donation
NWED works with intended parents from all over the world.  We are dedicated to helping families of all types match with a properly screened egg donor.

We screen our donors to clinic standards. Unlike most independent agencies, NWSC puts their donors through an extensive prescreening pocess.  Donors will go through genetic, psychological and fertility screening before they are matched with you.  This greatly increases the probability that you will have a successful match, donation and cycle.

Our Services
NWED is a full-service agency. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Careful screening of egg donors
  • Matching intended parents with their egg donor
  • Managing arrangements with fertility clinics
  • Preparing legal contract for donor agreement (remove?)
  • Managing trust account for your egg donor
  • Proactively handling any questions, concerns or issues you have during the process

For more information, please contact us at INSERT PHONE/EMAIL.

Fees and Expenses
We understand the financial pressures of creating your family through egg donation. One of our priorities is to minimize your costs. Our agency fee is competitive, and we do not have any hidden fees.  Nonetheless, there are varying costs, which can include donor fees, IVF, embryo transfer, and medication.

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