Webinar: Meet NWSC Surrogates

NWSC surrogates Alex and Kasia tell their stories about surrogacy. What was it like? What was the relationship like with the families they worked with? How did their own families react? What was the hardest part? What was the best part?

Webinar: Your Surrogacy Journey and COVID-19

Watch our April 20, 2020 Webinar with San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC). Learn more about surrogacy from a legal, medical and logistical perspective.

Video: Holding their baby for the first time.

NWSC intended parents talk about holding their sweet baby for the very first time.

Video: What surprised you the most during the surrogacy?

NWSC intended parents share the aspects of the surrogacy that surprised them the most. (Spoiler alert: relationships are key!) Thank you for sharing your stories at our 25th anniversary celebration.

Video: What was it like seeing the parents hold their baby for the first time?

The families we work with have longed to become parents… and it’s an incredibly special moment to be a part of. Thank you to our surrogates who shared these touching stories at our 25th anniversary celebration.

Video: French magazine highlights a French NWSC family and two-time surrogate

NWSC Oregon surrogate Alex shares her story with French magazine and website Tetu. She delivered for her French family in 2016 and 2018 — siblings!

Video: Bobby Curtis is a New Dad!

Afternoon Live on KATU highlighted a NWSC family who grew through surrogacy. This piece talks about their process, their relationship with their surrogate, their egg donor, the delivery and sweet baby George.

Video: NWSC surrogates Veronica and Anna helped families in the US, France and Australia grow!

NWSC surrogates Veronica and Anna tell their surrogacy stories on McMinnville, Oregon’s “Mandy and Friends”. Veronica has completed two surrogacies for international gay families and Anna worked with a single mother in the US. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, you’ll cry!

Webinar: Meet the Surrogates – Seattle edition!

NWSC surrogates Chelsie and Kristin tell their stories about Oregon surrogacy and international surrogacy. What was it like? Will they do it again? (spoiler: yes!) What was the relationship like with the families they worked with? How did their own families react? What were the funniest parts of the entire thing?

Webinar: Meet the Surrogates – San Francisco edition!

Two NWSC surrogates share their stories about their decision to do surrogacy, telling their families, the medications and IVF, the pregnancy, delivery, the legal aspects, the families and the sweet babies they delivered.

Meet NWSC Surrogates

Four NWSC surrogates describe why they wanted to become a surrogate and other highlights of their journeys. How would they describe surrogacy? Would they do it again?

Video: NWSC legal basics of surrogacy in Oregon

Our legal team discusses the surrogate contract, attorney representation, legal paths to parentage, and preparing for the delivery and more.

Video: Meet a Surrogate and Her Husband

It’s so interesting to hear about surrogacy through the perspective of a surrogate’s husband! Learn from a NWSC surrogate and her husband about helping an international couple have a baby and the many ways surrogacy impacted their family.

Video: Meet the Surrogates – Portland edition!

NWSC surrogates Nikki and Erica talk about their surrogacy experiences including the matching process, IVF, egg donors, delivery, relationships and more. This event took place in our Portland, Oregon office.

Breakout Session: Men Having Babies

NWSC co-founders John Chally and Sandy Hodgson give an overview of surrogacy for intended parents at the 2015 Men Having Babies NYC conference.

Documentary: Two Men and a Cradle

A French documentarian follows a Northwest Surrogacy Center intended family and a NWSC surrogate throughout their journey.

Documentary: Two Men and a Cradle – 1 Year Later

The documentary follows up with the twins, their French parents, and their NWSC surrogate Veronica in this honest and touching story.

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