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We love to tell beautiful stories about relationships, pregnancies and babies! But the best way to learn about working with Northwest Surrogacy Center is from the families and women who’ve partnered with us. We are honored to be a small part of these happy adventures.



Northwest Surrogacy Center 25th Anniversary Celebration 


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2019 Colorado NWSC Surrogate Appreciation Celebration


Kind words from surrogates who have worked with Northwest Surrogacy Center.

“Now that the dust has settled, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. My intended father and I were a great match, and I feel like my entire surrogacy experience was honestly about as great as it could be. I credit you for that. I’ve gained a lifelong friend with my intended father … I would recommend you guys to anyone. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you!” – Jennifer, surrogate

Hear from the families who have had children through our program.

“Our daughter is perfect and absolutely adorable. A big thank you to our brave, kind and wonderful surrogate who made our dream come true, and of course to NWSC and BCK for all their support!” – AH & CB, intended parents

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