Surrogacy isn’t just a gift for someone else’s family—it’s a gift for yours, too. The money you’ll receive can help you support your family or fulfill a lifelong dream.

Surrogates in our program have used their compensation to make a down payment on a house, pay off debts, start a small business, or take their family on a dream vacation. It has allowed some of them to stay home with their kids instead of having to take a job outside the home, and others to go back to school so they can get the job they really want.

The money is yours to keep. You don’t have to use it to pay for medical bills or any other expenses related to the surrogacy. The intended parents pay for your surrogacy-related medical bills, attorney fees, and other pregnancy costs. If you don’t have health insurance or if your health insurance doesn’t cover surrogacy, the intended parents will buy you a policy that does. They also purchase you a life insurance policy. And if at any point you would like to speak to a counselor about your experience, the intended parents pay for that as well.

Learn more about how much you will receive with our compensation calculator.

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