We want to share perspectives and experiences of NWSC surrogates so that you can learn about the women we work with.

To the intended families around the world who want to become parents through surrogacy — we know your mind and hearts are full of questions. Who are the women who choose to become surrogates? Why would they choose to help a family have a baby? What motivates them, drives them, how do they overcome challenges and disappointments, and what are their emotions/thought process throughout the journey?

Ask your questions!
We encourage our intended families to submit their questions to NWSC via the email address below. We will choose 3 questions per month and have a select group of surrogates, who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, answer them from their perspective. info@nwsurrogacycenter.com (Names will NOT be published or included with the questions sent along to the surrogates; names are for NWSC tracking only. )

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