Find an Egg Donor

Becoming a parent through egg donation.

Whether you are married, single, gay or straight, Intend Egg Donors, LLC and AsiaWest Egg Donors work with intended parents of all kinds. They are dedicated to matching you with the right egg donor so that you can create the family you have dreamed of.

Why Intend Egg Donors?

Intend and AsiaWest Egg Donors strive to make the experience seamless, transparent, and rewarding for intended parents. All of the egg donors you will see with Intend Egg Donors have been carefully screened prior to becoming available on the donor database. That means that you can select a donor knowing they have been medically pre-screened to be a qualified donor. Intend’s screening also includes extensive conversations with our donors to ensure they fully understand the donation process and the importance of their commitment to the role. 


Intend Egg Donors makes it a priority to take the time to get to know all our egg donors and intended parents so that we can make rewarding matches. Intend Egg Donors is also committed to transparency. Their fees are all clearly outlined and there are no hidden costs. When you choose to work with us to find your egg donor, you can be assured that you are being presented with a clear and complete picture of the costs involved.


Intend would love to speak with you about their egg donor program and help you on your journey to creating your family through egg donation. Contact them at 503-282-5223 or

Our Services

Intend Egg Donors is a full-service agency. Their services include but are not limited to:

  • Careful screening of egg donors

  • Matching intended parents with their egg donor

  • Managing arrangements with fertility clinics

  • Preparing the legal contract for donor agreement

  • Managing the escrow account for your egg donor

  • Proactively handling any questions, concerns, or issues you have during the process

For more information, please contact them at 503-282-5223 or

You can also watch a recording of an Egg Donation 101 Webinar here for more information!