Surrogate Benefits Package


Surrogacy isn’t just a gift for someone else’s family—it’s a gift for yours, too. The money you’ll receive can help you support your family or fulfill a lifelong dream.



(average surrogate compensation & benefits package)


$45,000 base compensation, $50,000 base compensation in California
$10,000 returning surrogate additional base compensation
$4,500 monthly expense payment
$1,000 embryo transfer bonus
$1,000 maternity cloths
$1,000 wellness benefit (message, acupuncture, yoga, etc.)
$640 housekeeping
$3,000 pumping breast milk $300/week + supplies



$3,000 travel to fertility clinic
$7,000 lost wages for you & your partner
$1,000 child care during IVF & delivery
$1,000 counseling
$250 life insurance policy for $350,000
$3,000 health insurance
$1,800 doula



$5,000 carrying multiples
$2,000 C-section
$750 invasive procedure fee
$2,000 termination after 13th week
$2,500 loss of follopian tube/ovaries
$5,000 loss of uterus
covered lost wages & childcare durring doctor-ordered bed rest


Ready to see if you qualify?

If you are a healthy, nonsmoking woman between the ages of 21 and 41 years old and have had previous healthy, full-term pregnancies, we would love to hear from you!