About Us

Our history

NW Surrogacy Center was founded over 30 years ago in 1994 by Sandra Hodgson and John Chally in Portland, Oregon. Sandy and John were attorneys working in the adoption and fertility fields, supporting individuals and couples who needed help to build their families. IVF was new and exciting back then, and as the technology and field have grown and evolved, NWSC has built a strong foundation as an experienced and ethical leader in the field. We understand that the experience each individual brings to a surrogacy is unique, and our goal is lay the groundwork for a smooth and collaborative process resulting in a safe and joyous delivery.

“Start to finish, everyone I have worked with at NWSC has been extremely helpful, easy to get ahold of, very thorough with any questions, and always caring and understanding. They make the process incredibly easy and smooth. I will no doubt continue working with them in the future if I decide to do surrogacy again!”

– Paige, NWSC Surrogate

Our Mission

Northwest Surrogacy Center LLC brings together generous, qualified gestational surrogates with intended parents who have a medical need for surrogacy to complete their families.

Our Values

We are committed to an ethical, transparent approach to surrogacy that focuses on relationships, health, success, and the well-being of surrogates, parents, and babies.

Ready to see if you qualify as a surrogate?

If you are a healthy, nonsmoking woman between the ages of 21 and 41 years old and have had previous healthy, full-term pregnancies, we would love to hear from you!

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