Meet Our Surrogates

 We continuously recruit women to be surrogates through NWSC, and we hear from thousands of applicants every year. Below are some of the women who have recently finished the screening process and been matched with intended families. They are a small sample of the many amazing women we work with. For information about our surrogates or our process, please contact us.

MaryMary Cris

Mary Cris is 33 years old and lives in Bellingham, Washington with her husband and three children ages 12, 7 and 1. Mary Cris wanted to be a surrogate because “there is nothing like seeing your child being born into the world” and she wants to help another family have this amazing experience. She enjoyed all of her pregnancies and is honored to do it again for a deserving family.

She is a phlebotomist and lab assistant and has a very close knit family that bonds over food. They love to cook and enjoy each other’s company in the kitchen and she says food is their love language. They also love travelling to tropical destinations to get away from rainy Washington — Maui and Mexico are their favorites!


Sheena is 32 and lives in Northern California with her husband of 11 years and her 2 daughters, ages 8 and 10. After a close family member experienced infertility, IVF and adoption, she knew she wanted to help another family in need. She and her husband were done growing their own family, and she enjoyed being pregnant and thought surrogacy would be an amazing way to give back.

Sheena enjoys anything active, especially working out and obstacle course racing (her entire family races!), watching movies, visiting water parks and attending professional sporting events. She works fulltime as an account manager in the automotive industry.


Julia is 25 years old and lives in Portland, Oregon with her 1 year old daughter, her mother, and her mother’s partner. Julia first became interested in surrogacy when her friend’s mom decided to become a surrogate. She adores her daughter more than anything and wants to give that feeling to someone else.

Julia is from Oregon and lived in several different states before returning to Portland. Julia works in automated logistics for the US Army Reserves. In the future, Julia plans to continue her education and eventually apply to nursing or dental hygiene programs. In her spare time, Julia enjoys volleyball, yoga, and sewing.


Michele is 33 and lives in Sandy, Oregon with her 2 year old son. She cannot imagine life without her son and says that he’s the absolute best thing that has ever happened to her. She knows she’s done having her own children, and wants to help another person experience the joy she’d found being a parent.

Working in HR and recruiting for a local ski resort keeps Michele busy, but she loves to get outside and enjoy the great recreation opportunities. She and her son love hiking and exploring the West every chance they get!


Jessica is 25 and lives near Bend, Oregon with her 5 year old son and fiancé. Her pregnancy with her son went so smoothly that she knew she wanted to assist a couple in making their dreams come true — and she did! Jessica delivered surrogate twins for her first intended parents and is hoping to do another surrogacy in the future. She says that helping a family grow will “Forever be one of my greatest accomplishments!”

Jessica loves any activities that involve her family, along with outdoor adventures and cooking. She works in management at a pet supply company and is preparing to purchase her first home.


Shaela is 36 years old and lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with her husband and their 4 children. Her interest in surrogacy began after viewing a tv show about surrogacy but she waited a few years until the timing was right for her family. She says that having a child of your own is an unbreakable bond and she wants to help someone who needed help to experience that bond.

Shaela’s hobbies include cooking, reading, gardening, being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with mind/body balance. In the future, she plans to earn a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology or a related field.


Victoria is 34 years old and lives in Oregon with her 10 year old daughter. She became a surrogate out of compassion for those facing fertility obstacles. She knows this experience has taught her daughter compassion for others, about giving and about inclusion. She says, “I truly feel blessed for the ability to do this, blessed for a newfound family and blessed to share my story.” Double blessed! Victoria delivered a baby for her intended family in 2017 is in the process of a sibling journey them!

Victoria works in management for a regional home builder. She loves spending time with her daughter, watching movies and hiking.


Noel lives in Colorado with her husband of 11 years and her 3 children, ages 5, 4, and 2. With three children, her family was complete and she felt so fortunate to have her children and the joy they’d brought her life. Noel wanted to pass that joy along to another loving family. Noel delivered for her intended family in 2018 carried a sibling journey for them again in 2019. She works as a pharmacist for a large HMO she enjoys traveling, reading and anything outdoors.

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