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How does the surrogacy process work in Nevada?

Compensated surrogacy is legal in Nevada. Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers have a clear path to a valid and enforceable contract and a legal parentage process.


You can expect to establish your parental rights regardless of whether you are single, partnered or married, and whether or not you are a genetic parent or working with a donor. The process is similar if you are working with a married or single woman as your surrogate. Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC has a strong referral base of established and experienced attorneys licensed in Nevada to assist you with the contract with your surrogate and to help you secure a legal relationship with your child.


Advantages of a Nevada Surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy is legal in Nevada
  • It is legal to compensate surrogates in Nevada
  • Your name(s) will be on the child’s birth certificate after you have completed the legal process

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