Surrogacy in Oregon

Surrogacy is legal in Oregon. Like most states, Oregon has little law regarding surrogacy. However, Oregon courts have acknowledged surrogacy and created legal relationships between intended parents and their children for over 20 years.

NW Surrogacy Center in Oregon

Northwest Surrogacy Center’s Portland, Oregon office.

How you establish parental rights will depend on your specific circumstances, including whether you are genetic parents or working with a donor, and whether your surrogate is married. Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC has a strong referral base of established and experienced attorneys to assist you in securing a legal relationship with your child.

Advantages of an Oregon Surrogacy:

  1. Surrogacy is legal in Oregon;
  2. It is legal to compensate surrogates in Oregon;
  3. You will receive a judgment establishing that you are the child’s legal parents;
  4. The parentage judgment will be recognized and enforceable in other states; and
  5. Your name will be on the child’s birth certificate after you have completed the legal process. Same-sex parents will be listed on the final birth certificate as “Parent 1” and “Parent 2.”

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