Transparency From The Start

Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC knows that creating a family can be financially stressful. We work hard to minimize your surrogacy costs, and we do not have any hidden fees. We strive for transparency about the costs for our intended families.

Two Financial Options

NWSC offers families two options for paying for their surrogacy. Both options will provide the same high level of service to our intended parents and surrogates including competitive match times, individualized support from our team, and all the benefits of working with a large, full-service agency.

The first option is our Essential Program. This program provides a fixed agency fee, but the overall costs vary based on your surrogate’s individual expenses and the medical circumstances that occur throughout the pregnancy.

The second option is our Guarantee Program which gives families the peace of mind of a predictable cost for their surrogacy journey. It provides additional financial protection and assurances over our Essential Program. This option includes a refund of your agency fees and unspent surrogate base compensation if you have at least one embryo transfer and do not have a baby.

  Essential Program* Guarantee Program**
Signed with NWSC
First Agency Fee $21,000 $21,000
Screening Fee $7,500 $7,500
Guarantee Fee N/A $10,000
Total Due Upon Signing $28,500 $38,500
Guarantee Program will refund 100% of our agency fee of $36,000 and unspent surrogate base compensation if you have at least one transfer and do not have a baby.
Officially Matched
Surrogate Account Deposit $6,000 $6,000
Contract Signed
Second Agency Fee $15,000 $15,000
Surrogate Medical Costs & Insurance $15,000 – $28,000+ $28,000
Surrogate Expenses $49,000 – $60,000+ $60,000
Financial Management & Contract Fees $3,000
paid to provider
U.S. Legal Fees $8,000 – $10,000+
paid directly to attorneys
Total due upon contract $90,000 – $116,000+ $116,000
30-week escrow reconciliation $0-$5,000+ N/A
  Varies N/A

The NWSC Payment Schedule does not include fertility clinic and newborn medical costs. Fees and expenses are subject to change at any time.

Want to learn more? Download the Program Comparison and the Essential Program Cost Detail documents. You can also download a printable PDF version of the Payment Schedule.

* Essential Program costs fluctuate based on actual expenses. Escrow Account will be closed one year after delivery and any remaining funds returned to you.

** Guarantee Program covers the standard surrogate compensation package. Additional payments could include twin fee ($20,000), experienced surrogate fee ($10,000), California surrogate fee ($15,000), or breastmilk payments ($300/wk+).

If you are interested in infertility financing programs, RESOLVE, the national infertility association, has compiled a list of services available to consumers to help pay for reproductive health medical treatment and medications. NWSC and RESOLVE do not endorse any of the listed programs and services, and we recommend that you contact each company directly for full program details and to determine if it is right for you.

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