Why Surrogacy?

Our clients choose surrogacy because it is fast, has an extremely high success rate, and gives intended parents a high degree of choice and control. It also allows intended parents to have a genetic relationship with the baby, and to be as involved as they wish throughout the pregnancy.

Why Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC?

Our international clients know that surrogacy is the right option for them, but have difficulty finding the support, resources, or legal avenues to pursue it in their own countries.

NWSC matches international intended parents with mature, responsible surrogates who want to help other people have children. The United States is widely considered one of the best places in the world to pursue surrogacy, and the regions in which we work are particularly progressive and welcoming in their views of surrogacy.

Whether you’re seeking a surrogate or already have a relationship with one, we take care of intended parents every step of the way, from your very first questions to the birth and beyond. We get to know our surrogates and intended parents and work hard to make the best, most rewarding matches possible. We work with highly qualified legal professionals and some of the best medical clinics and professionals in the United States. And we provide both structure and flexibility, giving you and your surrogate the outline and tools to design your ideal experience and relationship.

International intended parents can travel to the United States as frequently as they wish to spend time with their surrogate and be present for medical appointments and procedures. Many are in frequent contact with their surrogates during and after the pregnancy via email, phone, and Zoom.

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