Learn more and enjoy the journey!

There’s a lot to learn about surrogacy and we’re here to support you every step of the way. We host casual information sessions throughout the year where you can learn about surrogacy requirements and meet women who’ve worked with Northwest Surrogacy Center.

For our surrogates, we host regular meet-ups and send milestone gifts to offer support, build community and show our gratitude. For our intended parents, we also offer regular meet-ups. Surrogacy is a fantastic journey and we’re here to provide whatever level of support you need!

Meetups for NWSC Surrogates

Meetups for NWSC Intended Parents

2024 Intended Parent Meet-ups

Meet other families like yours, make new friends and playdate partners, and help us build an amazing community of intended parents. RSVP to or request the Zoom links from veronica@nwsurrogacycenter.com

Zoom Meet Up, February 21 at Noon

Presentation of Newborn Care Basics

Portland, May 18, 11 am – 1 pm    

Parent Meet Up at the Louiza Space

San Francisco, May 18, 11 am – 1 pm   

Parent Meet Up at the Hotel Zetta

Seattle, May 19, 10 am – 12pm

Parent Meet Up at Wunderkind

Zoom Meet Up, September 25, Noon

Discussion with Intended Family

San Francisco, October 5, 3-5 pm

Parent Meet Up at Hotel Zetta

Portland, October 12, 3-5 pm

Parent Meet Up at the Louiza Space

Seattle, October 6, 3-5 pm    

Parent Meet Up at The W Bellevue (complimentary parking)

Zoom Meet Up, December 5, Noon

Holiday Drag Bingo Meet Up for Parents


The NWSC 25th Anniversary Celebration
Thank you to the nearly 500 surrogates, families, children, and professional partners who celebrated with us in 2019!

2019 Colorado NWSC Surrogate Appreciation Celebration
What an honor to celebrate the amazing women in Colorado!

Monthly NWSC Surrogate Meet-ups throughout Oregon, California, Washington and Colorado
Monthly events to share stories, laughs and experiences throughout and after the journey.

NWSC at The Incredibles 2!
NWSC hosted past and current surrogates, and their families, to a movie day to watch The Incredibles 2 in summer 2018.

We love it when our surrogates share photos in their NWSC t-shirts!

2018 Surrogate Appreciation Party

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