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MHB West Coast: San Francisco, CA. Jan 18-19, 2020 / MHB Midwest: Chicago, IL. April 18-19, 2020 / Parenting Options for European Gay Men: Brussels, BELGIUM Sept 12-13, 2020 / MHB New York:  New York, NY. Nov 7-8. 2020
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Why Surrogacy?

Medical advances in IVF (in vitro fertilization) and surrogacy are giving LGBT families more opportunities to have children than ever before. Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC helps gay intended parents create the families they have dreamed of—and the grandchildren their parents have dreamed of!

Many of our LGBT clients choose surrogacy over adoption because it allows them to have a genetic relationship with the baby, and because they can be present and involved throughout the pregnancy. In addition, surrogacy is fast, has an extremely high success rate, and gives intended parents a high degree of choice and control.

Why Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC?

NWSC has 25 years of experience working on gay surrogacy, and our own staff comes from diverse lifestyles and backgrounds. We work only with highly qualified, accepting legal and medical professionals. And many of our surrogates specifically wish to help gay families have children of their own.

Whether you’re seeking a surrogate or already have a relationship with one, we take care of intended parents every step of the way, from your very first questions to the birth and beyond. We get to know our surrogates and intended parents and work hard to make the best, most rewarding matches possible. We provide both structure and flexibility, giving you and your surrogate the outline and tools to design your ideal experience and relationship. And the progressive laws in Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado mean that both intended parents can be named as legal parents on your baby’s birth certificate.

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