Blog #14: And the pregnancy test says…

Carrie Ramoz
Carrie Ramoz

I absentmindedly picked at the sticky bandaid residue left on my skin from my blood draw earlier in the day.

My mind was not focused on the meeting I was attending. Really, trying to think about budgets and risk management while waiting for phone call from the clinic to *hopefully* confirm my pregnancy was nearly impossible!

I had no idea what the results would be. There was something deliciously exciting about the 9-day waiting game from the time of the embryo transfer to the clinical pregnancy test, and I had not performed any at-home tests. But now that I was waiting on the results, my patience was short.

Come on, ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Is this thing charged?

Then it suddenly lit up, silently telling me I had a call. Even better – I recognized the phone number.

The clinic!

Hustling out of the room, I answered and had never been so happy to hear my clinic coordinator’s voice. She started off with, “I’ll get right to it. Your beta HCG is 150, estradiol is 1087 and progesterone is 54.” Then she paused.

What in the world are those numbers? Should I know what any of that means? I stood in the hallway, having no idea if I was pregnant or not. I sure didn’t physically feel pregnant yet. 

“Hello? Are you there?” the coordinator sounded as confused as I felt. “You’re pregnant. The embryo took. Congratulations!”

I burst into a huge smile as she proceeded to tell me the next steps. Two more blood draws over the next 5 days to ensure my hormone levels were increasing properly and scheduling the ultrasound at the clinic in Portland for a few weeks later.

She asked if I wanted to tell Johan and Anders about the pregnancy or if I’d like her to.

You do it,” I replied, figuring they’d probably like to hear the good news firsthand from the clinic.

We said our goodbyes and I sat in the hallway to calm down before returning to the meeting. But looking at my phone, all I wanted to do was tell the guys they were going to be DADS!!!! Even though I’d just told the coordinator to give them the good news, I absolutely could not wait.

I saw that Anders had sent me a note earlier, saying how they were excited to hear good news today. I quickly typed: Hey… you’re pregnant 🙂


Johan replied almost immediately. I loved them – they’d been waiting by their phones as eagerly as I had! We messaged back and forth. We were across the world from each other, but I envisioned us all jumping around and hollering together with excitement as though we were in the same room.

The three of us… with the help of an egg donor and a talented team of doctors and embryologists… had made a baby!


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