Reporters love to ask me what all surrogates have in common. My answer surprises them.

Carrie Ramoz
Carrie Ramoz

Sometimes reporters will contact me when they’re doing a story about surrogacy. The most common question I hear from them is: “Tell me about the typical surrogate you work with.”


I believe the reporters are honestly curious, but they seem to expect a one-size-fits-all answer. The truth is much more complex, interesting and dynamic. It is a fascinating, really cool group of women to be involved with.

For instance…

  • Some are stay at home moms, while some earn $60,000+ a year working full time.
  • Some have 1 child, while others have five. Some have also adopted children. (Oh, the heart of a surrogate!)
  • Many want epidurals (ahem, me) and others thrive on natural childbirth (rock stars).
  • Some live in high-rise apartments in Seattle, while others practice urban farming in central Colorado.
  • Some have an advanced college degree, and others have never stepped foot on a college campus.
  • Our surrogates include: Teachers. Pharmacists. Artists. Aspiring chefs. Horticulturists. Nurses. AMAZING MOMS.

Of course, all NWSC surrogates have passed the screening process. They must live in OR, WA, CA or CO. They’re all emotionally and financially stable, have had healthy pregnancies, have passed their home visits and psychological exams and are at least 5 feet tall (yes, that is a requirement of the fertility clinics!).

Women who consider becoming surrogates are a thoughtful and motivated group. They’re incredibly determined… the kind of women who get things done. Boss babes. They see surrogacy as a way to help another family while helping their own family. I work hard to educate reporters on the deep pool of fascinating women we work with. These links take you to stories that have been published or aired.

Check out these amazing NWSC surrogates.

You have your own fascinating path to surrogacy. What has brought you this far?



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