Ridiculously crying at a restaurant because the cornbread was sold out: This pregnancy is in full swing!

Carrie Ramoz
Carrie Ramoz

“I’m sorry, but Dr. Ackerman is fully booked for September deliveries and is not taking any more patients. Let me see what other doctors are available for a fall delivery.”

THUDMy heart dropped. What?!



No! She’s my OB and she’s the best. She delivered my son and did my medical eval for my surrogacy. Not using her was NOT an option. I had just been released from the fertility clinic’s care and had apparently waited  much too long to call my beloved local OB.

Stay calm. Do NOT sound crazy.


Giving the receptionist a detailed message, I hoped my pleas would be heard and that she could fit me into her schedule. I wanted her to be part of my surrogacy process.


I burst into tears of frustration after we hung up.


Ah, this roller coaster of uncontrolled emotions was new with this pregnancy. With my son, the only way I knew I was pregnant was my growing belly. On this surrogacy pregnancy, things were different.

Perhaps it’s a girl?


This time around, I had very little patience for everything – especially the men I worked with. Had they always been so incompetent? My fuse at home was short and the result was quite often tears. The previous week I began crying at a restaurant when I discovered they were out of my favorite cornbread. So ridiculous! But I simply could not help it.


Perhaps these are all side effects of the IVF medications and hormones, although I’d been off them for a week and and still felt crazy.

Maybe it’s just that I’m older and a bit more tired because now I have a kid of my own to chase around while being pregnant.


Luckily, nausea was not an issue for me yet. I’d received a package of anti-nausea ginger chews from my amazing case manager at NW Surrogacy Center and they were a delicious treat. What a sweet gesture!


All in all, it was a pleasant pregnancy so far. My emotions should eventually stabilize – or not – and hopefully my OB could squeeze me into her schedule. I just need to focus on the little surrobabe – SVEN! – growing inside me and her amazing dads and brother who are eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Focus on making that family of three a family of 4. That’s all I need to do right now. Grow baby, grow!


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