Seattle, here we come! Northwest Surrogacy Center’s new Washington office opens July 1, 2018

Carrie Ramoz
Carrie Ramoz

Oh, Washington! You’ve been waiting so patiently, just to the north of us, just across the river, for so long.

With your gorgeous views, healthy lifestyles and wonderful people, we’ve wanted to work with you for as long as we can remember. And then March 6, 2018 happened. **** DRUMROLL **** 


We waited in eager, yet cautious, hope as the lawmakers of Washington discussed SB 6037 (you can read it here). And then it passed! We are thrilled for the many Washington families who will be able to get the help they need from Washington surrogates. The “Uniform Parentage Act” allows Washington to recognize compensated surrogacy and provides Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates a clear path to a valid contract and a legal parentage process.


The amazing women of Washington were as eager as we were for this surrogacy breakthrough! We’ve been contacted by so many women who want to help families grow through surrogacy. They’re excited, well-educated about the new Washington laws, and are committed to helping families grow. While the new law goes into effect Jan 1, 2019 (this means that surrogacy contracts can be signed and enforced as of then), there’s plenty to do before the new year!

To conveniently work with the surrogates and our many intended families in Washington, we are excited to announce our new office in downtown Seattle. Located near the intersection of 7th and Stewart, it is in the heart of Seattle with easy access by public transportation and ample parking for those who choose to drive. Erin Mays, who has been a Case Manager with Northwest Surrogacy Center since 2016, is moving to Seattle to work there.

Surrogates and Intended Families in Washington can choose to work with NWSC from our Seattle or Portland offices. We have a variety of events planned in Washington throughout 2018, some of which will take place in our new Seattle office. We continue to work with Intended Families from around the country and around the world, and are proud to work with surrogates in Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado.

Washington joins 46 other states in recognizing compensated surrogacy. It is our honor to work with the women of Washington to help the many families in Washington who need surrogacy to grow their family! We’d love to see you – our new office is at 603 Stewart St, #400 or you can reach us at 206-536-3300 or


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