Top 10 Things to do with Kids during the Coronavirus Quarantine

Can’t leave the house and feeling cooped up? Here are some fun things to do with the kids to pass the time and maybe even learn something new!

As a mom, I’ve been seeing lots of suggestions about what to do to keep the kids entertained while we’re socially distancing ourselves during the Coronavirus outbreak. As an experienced surrogate, I know being a surrogate on top of taking care of your own family is a special responsibility. So I wanted to reach out and offer my support and love to all the wonderful women helping to create families. You are transforming lives–hang in there!


Here are my top 10 suggestions for staying sane over the next couple weeks:

  1. Take a virtual tour of some of the best museums of the world!
  2. Make your own escape room challenge for kids: check it out!
  3. Read that book you have always dreamed of finishing – my personal favorite, The Thirteenth Tale.
  4. Make real good Chocolate chip cookies Recipe.
  5. Spring cleaning anyone? I found this retro sounding checklist that I thought was fun(ny). 😊
  6. Buy one of those huge wall covering coloring posters and fancy markers – I might even let my kids “help.”
  7. Dust off the board games and get the family involved.
  8. If you are a mom with littles I found this great link to tons more ideas!
  9. Here’s yet another link to 100 affordable activities to entertain the family.
  10. School may be out, but learning doesn’t have to stop with these great online resources.

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Virtual hugs!

Experienced NWSC Surrogate


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